The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) is an LLC that was created for the Ninja obstacle course athlete.  The athlete’s compete against the course, yes.  But they will compete against the other athlete’s and the course is the tool or method for competition.

With 2015 being the inaugural year of the UNAA and the kickoff of the competitive season, this association can and will grow exponentially.

There will be a women’s and men’s division competing in city qualifiers, regional qualifiers and a culmination with the National finals.  This will be a collaboration with Ninja gyms across the country.  The athlete’s compete based on their sole desire to compete – and of course a registration fee.  But nobody is turned away or limited for city competition with an opportunity to qualify at each level.  And talk about prize money for the winners, the top five finalist’s in each women’s and men’s categories win cash!

For all the details about the competition and better yet the UNAA – go right here!