“Fun Facts in the Ninja News” all about James Ascone

So what better way to start Season 4 of the UNAA then getting to know the future of the sport and some young blood making their way to the top.  Here we have James Ascone – 10 years old, in 5th grade from Danbury, CT.

James- a left handed Ninja

Do you have a nick name?  Kid Ninja 

James Ascone (5)

How did you get that name?  I was putting up a YouTube to post my ninja videos, and I thought, I’m a Kid and I’m a Ninja, so I should be Kid Ninja.

What are your favorite sports?  I Love to watch American Ninja Warrior, and Football.

What sports do you do?  Besides ninja, I like to rock climb, and play soccer.  I think playing soccer helped my balance and body awareness with ninja.


Who is your favorite Ninja?  Joe Moravsky 

What is your favorite football team?  New York Giants.

What is your favorite color?  Blue

Favorite actor?  Well, he is more of a character, but I would have to say Mario.  I love Mario.  I have mastered playing all of the Mario games, I have a regular Nintendo, super Nintendo, N64, so I can play all the Mario games. 

Getting back to ninja, what is your favorite ninja obstacle?  Well, my favorite ninja obstacle to do is the wing nuts. but my favorite obstacle to watch would have to be the salmon ladder, or the new under water obstacle.

What is your most memorable ninja moment?  Completing the mine field obstacle my dad made for me in the back yard

Why?  Because it was so hard, and it took me so long to master it.

What is it about ninja that you love so much?  The climbing, I cannot live without climbing.

When did you start doing ninja?  I started doing ninja in my back yard when I was about 4.  My dad turned my swing set into a mini ninja obstacle course.  Then it kept growing from there, now we have a outdoor ninja park in the back yard, and a ninja gym in our basement.


Where do you train?  Ninja Mania in Danbury CT, and in my basement.  

How often do you train?  I only go to Ninja Mania once a week.

What’s your favorite food?  Ramen noodle soup

What flavor?  Beef.

What’s your favorite animal?  Cat, or dogs.  Mostly cats.

If you had to pick one? Dog or cat?  Cat

Do you have a cat?  No, I have two dogs!  But I would love a cat.

If you could have a super power what would it be?  Fly

What do you want to do when you grow up?  I want to become a video game coder.


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