“Fun Facts in the Ninja News” all about Alex Ascone

So what better way to start Season 4 of the UNAA then getting to know the future of the sport and some young blood making their way to the top.  And to follow up with a sibling, younger brother of James Ascone.  Here we have Alex Ascone – 7 years old, in 3rd grade from Danbury, CT.

Alex- a left handed Ninja

How long have you been doing ninja?  All my life, so 8 years.


What other sports do you do?  I play soccer, basketball, track, wrestling and I ran a Spartan obstacle course with my family.

Wow that’s a lot, what is your favorite sport?  Ninja, But I am pretty good at soccer and track.

What do you do in track?  The 100, 200, 400, long jump and javelin.  I was lucky enough to win a gold medal at the CT state games in the javelin, and sliver in the long jump and 400 meter race. 

Do you have a nick name?  The Bunny (ninja)

How did you get that name?  One of my ninja coaches started calling me the bunny because I can’t stop moving.  I jump and hop around the gym like a bunny rabbit while I am waiting. 

What are your favorite tv shows?  I Love to watch American Ninja Warrior, ninja vs. ninja, and the ultimate beast masters

Who is your favorite Ninja?  Adam Rayl


What is your favorite ninja obstacle?  The wing nuts.  But I also like to watch people fall in the water.

What is your most memorable ninja moment?  Doing the wing nuts for the first time.

Why?  I was training and trying to grab on to the second wing nut.  I couldn’t get it, I tried over and over.  So my dad told me, “if you get it this time, I will give you fifty dollars”.  Then I nailed it, I was yelling “Fifty bucks!!!” while I was still in the air.

Did he give you the money?  Yeah.

Where do you train?  Ninja Mania in Danbury ct

Who do you train with?  My brother, and my ninja team, we also go to competitions together as a team.

What kind of ninja shoes do you wear?  Asics wrestling shoes

Cool, do you have a favorite competition?  I think the last competition that I went to was my favorite.

Why?  Because me and my best friend Skyler, (Sky Ninja) both came in first place.


When did you start doing ninja?  I started doing ninja in my back yard with my brother when I was little.  I was still in diapers.  

How often do you train?  I only go to Ninja Mania once a week, and I train in my basement every day.  Sometimes I sneak down stairs and train before school.

What’s your favorite food?  Hot dogs and cotton candy

What’s your favorite animal?  Panda bear

If you could have a super power what would it be?  It would be really cool to fly

What’s your favorite color?  Red

What do you want to do when you grow up?  A nurse


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