New Rules for UNAA Season 4

Here are some new rules starting Season 4 –


NEW Rules:

  1. Competitors have one RETRY and must use it on the obstacle failed.   The RETRY is worth 1 point, so if entire course is completed without using RETRY, an additional point is awarded to total obstacle points.

Example- Course with 10 obstacles:

a). Athlete A – Full course completion, no RETRY = 11 pts

b). Athlete B – Fails once, RETRY used, fails again, completes rest of course = 9pts

c). Athlete C – Fails once, RETRY used successfully, completes rest = 10 pts

  1. Age as of August 1 (instead of November 1) since we already started season 4.
  2. Amateur to Pro – If you were an Amateur in UNAA and made Top 5 at the UNAA World Finals, you must now compete as a PRO.
  3. You must be 6 or older to compete in UNAA.  Age is determined on how old they are on August 1, 2018.
  4. All athletes for the 2018-19 Season 4 shall compete in their appropriate class.    Any athlete in the Age group classes may move up to the next age group if they so choose.   Once they have moved up to that class, they must remain in that class for the duration of the year. Each course is age appropriate and if an athlete competes up – no accommodations will be made for height adjustments.


  1. Any Adult (16 or older) may compete in Pro Class or Amateur class, but, MUST compete in PRO if athlete in the last THREE years has been to Las Vegas on ANW, been in the Top 10 Pro class at UNAA Finals, NNL Finals, Rockford Ninja Finals or WolfPack Ninja Tour Finals. If you meet any ONE of these requirements you are considered PRO.


  1. NEW CLASS LIST as follows:

9 and Under Boys

9 and Under Girls

11 and Under Boys

11 and Under Girls

13 and Under Boys

13 and Under Girls

15 and Under Boys

15 and Under Girls

(16+ now go to Adult classes)

Amateur Men

Amateur Women

Pro Men

Pro Women

Over 40 Men

Over 40 Women


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