Reminiscing about Season 3



Now that the sleep has been caught up on; domestic items taken care of; the mind has cleared a bit; and there has been some decompressing – I started to review the Season 3 World Finals.

First off – I had a blast!  Stressful for sure, exhilarating absolutely, fun without a doubt.  Getting to meet so many people from all over the world, that in and of itself is a great experience.

I started to think about the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.  These leagues have been around in some form or another for a long time.  They have deep pockets, large paid staffed and awesome venues at their disposal.  No wonder these athletic events go off without a hitch.

Watching the live 2018 CrossFit games I had a few observations that one would probably not see if they wait for the documentary.  One event that is super long and pretty much boring to watch was the 3 hour +/- rowing event.  Right at the beginning there were several malfunctions with the equipment and a delay to an already long event.  Then during one event, some of the athletes were being given credit for lifts that the commentators pointed out should not have been awarded – and this happened more than once.  So right there, judging errors.

I only bring this up as a point to not be so hard on myself for my fails and shortcomings.  Sure, the finals can be better each time, that is the point.  And with our awesome new Board of Directors, we all can only make the UNAA better and better.

We depend on so many volunteers and a skeleton crew, at times it appears almost impossible to keep up or get ahead.  So, at times we just do what we can to make it all work out in the end.  This year we had so many out-of-town volunteers step up to help at crucial moments – so much appreciation and love for all of them.  And our local volunteers busted their butts to help in every way possible.

We received some negative feedback, mostly kind and encouraging words.  And a lot of “this was so fun and a great event”!  That is much appreciated.

So, in the end – my Thanks go out to all the athletes; parents; coaches; gym owners; volunteers; venue; and sponsors.  Thank you all for the support and for your continued support!


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