The Zimmerman Family Project – Part 3

So who are all these people in the Zimmerman family?  Well now it’s time to learn a little bit more about all of them!


What motivates each of you to do UNAA competitions like AZ on the Rocks?

The kids’ answers to this question were all similar; first that it’s fun!  That makes me feel great, that we’ve really done something right that our kids love a challenging activity like ninja obstacles where you usually have to “fail” a lot before you “succeed” and that our kids have the grit and toughness about them to persevere and work hard to accomplish a task and even find joy in the process!

The second common answer they all had was that they liked it because it was something they were good at and something we do together as a family.  I love the confidence it builds seeing kids stick with and accomplish something difficult and the look of pride on their face when they finally complete a challenging obstacle.  Also, so many things in life can pull a family in so many different directions but to have this one activity that we all can talk about and enjoy together is incredible.

It also feels great to have an activity we all enjoy and that is good for you physically, mentally and emotionally.  I love the life lessons my kids are learning like grit, perseverance, determination, performing under pressure, hard work, sportsmanship… but the best part is they’re having fun doing it together.

What other hobbies or interest does everybody have?

Charlie grew up playing baseball and played in college and still continues to play in a men’s baseball league today.  He has passed that love of the game down to each of the kids.  They enjoy playing catch, hitting balls and playing games.  I grew up doing a lot of different sports and activities but the main ones were judo and basketball.  I’m a former national judo champion and still compete today, well when I’m healthy anyways.  All of the kids have taken some judo classes but Lindsey seems to enjoy it the most.  I played basketball in college and still play in open gyms, leagues and tournaments.  All three of the kids LOVE basketball and play on various teams and play in tournaments as well.  The boys enjoy football but that sport has been limited to backyard scrimmages with flags at this point.  They also do a local kids triathlon each year.

We just enjoy being active together whether its hiking, biking, fishing, you name it.

We have family that live on the Big Island and try to make a trip to Hawaii every winter.  We spend most of our time there boogieboarding, body surfing, hiking and geocaching, just discovering new parts of the island.

Lindsey had an artistic side to her and enjoys doing various types of crafts.  Currently, Blake is obsessed with the Avengers.

And I have to share this, when I asked Lindsey, my 9-year-old daughter what her hobbies were she said, “one of my hobbies is winning” to which I laughed and she said back very mater-of-factly “well it is” and with a little shoulder shrug and smile on her face trotted away.

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