The Zimmerman Family Project – Part 2

Here comes the Zimmerman Family – all competing together!!!


Tell us about your recent UNAA competition at AZ on the Rocks.

Now that we’re all doing ninja obstacles together we thought it would be fun to make some fun family trips out of some ninja competitions.  I was just cleared by the doctor in January to return to ninja so when we saw the AZ on the Rocks competition in mid-January we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get out of the cold in Spokane for a little vacation and get a ninja competition in.  It turned out to be an absolutely amazing weekend for the entire family, full of many firsts.  It was my first competition back since my injury.  I was excited and terrified all at the same time, what a major mental challenge after such a traumatic injury but it felt so great to be back in the ninja community and on obstacles.  It was Charlie’s first official competition and when he saw that the number of people competing was much bigger than either of us had expected, he began to wonder what he had gotten himself into but he more then held his own.  However, the most incredible part of the weekend was that for the first time, we all competed as an entire family!  When one of us was on the course we all just kind of took over.  I’m usually playing the role of coach, talking everyone through the obstacles helping them remember little cues or strategies we’ve talked about beforehand.  Then, we’ve always got one person on chalk duty following the person around with a bag and making sure it’s always available or reminding them to get some on certain obstacles.   Another person is in charge of recording the run and of course a cheerleader that keeps us all smiling and reminding us to not let the competition part rob us of the joy of the sport.


My youngest son Blake is 6 but was able to compete up in the 7-9-year-old division and took 3rd place just behind our daughter Lindsey who took 1st place.  Brett, our oldest son competed in the 10-13-year-old division and got 2nd place.  Charlie got 4th in the amateur men’s division and 2nd place in the master’s division.  I tied for 1st in the women’s pro division and took first place in the masters just ahead of Charlie J  Nothing like a little friendly competition between us and not that I’m keeping track or anything but I’m up 3-1 in the series right now.

This ninja road trip was so different than ones in the past where I would go by myself or with the kids but to have the whole family enjoying the trip together was very special.  After the ninja competition we stayed a couple extra days and just enjoyed some of the best things AZ has to offer.  We got a hotel that was like a water park with several different water slides, water structures and pools to play in.  We did some amazing hikes like Camelback Mountain, went to the aquarium and just enjoyed the sun and time together before heading home.


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