My Spartan Trifecta Weekend!

When the time came to travel to Breckenridge, CO – I knew (hoped) at the end of the weekend I would have my Spartan Trifecta!  And I did, yaaayyy me!

Running an OCR in this venue was phenomenal – the city was awesome, all the people around were awesome, but that elevation!!!!!  That was a shock, not unexpected but hit me hard.  Had my training partner (Melissa Harman) running with me, a good handful of people from the gym were there and several other’s from Albuquerque were present and accounted for.


So doing the Beast was bad enough, and that mountain – the never ending mountain.  I figured once you go up, up and up so far – eventually you just HAVE to start going down. It never felt that way – that damn mountain!  The cramps, the heaving just trying to get a sufficient breath, being a bit dramatic?  Not really – “But did you Die”?  I thought the Sprint would kinda suck due to the soreness, but, not all that bad – just a bit tired.  I was one obstacle away each day from a perfect, burpee free race.  So that was a nice accomplishment that came up just short.


We saw people that qualified for the Spartan Race Ultra World Championship in Iceland – much respect for them.  And people that just blazed and conquered these courses and that damn mountain.

So all in all it sucked; it was hard; it was satisfying; and it was fun ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!

Spartan does OCR right and makes it an awesome experience.  And I have to say I will probably be doing more in the near future 😛


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