Who Does it Better?

For everyone that watches ANW, Spartan, CrossFit, etc. – who provides the best drama; entertainment; excitement; value?

Depending on your preference, each person has their favorite I would guess.  What each viewer likes about each show guides what they watch – obviously.

But what makes one show better than another?  Is it the human interest stories?  The drama of the competition?  Depends on who you ask.

A recent conversation I was involved with pointed out that the CrossFit Games does a far better job in their documentaries with making the Games the drama, their stories are secondary.  As a person that loves sports and athletics, that has a far greater interest to me.

How about you?

Far too many “athletic” competition shows are about the story, but, in a couple of ANW episodes recently what was most exciting (sad, unexpected, frustrating) was when a couple of top name Ninjas had one of those days!  The days when falling should have never happened, that WAS the story line of that episode.  That was excitement, that was enteraining!

Just to clarify, I have not been a fan of CrossFit overall.  I give them credit for what they have accomplished, but, just not a fan.  So with that said, back to the above.  CrossFit is probably the best at providing a very watchable athletic event, with great athletes that is athlete driven and all about the athletics.  Again, the story that an athlete may have is secondary to the Games.  The drama that unfolds during competition should be the story and the entire story.

So this is my opinion, not trying to be a jerk or anything.  But I do have a preference towards the athleticism of the competition – entertainment or other!


2 thoughts on “Who Does it Better?

  1. I agree, the stories are fine, but dont tell about the athlete themselves sometimes. I like more about the sport and athleticism. Crossfit would be my choice. I watched every episode of Crossfit including the pre show documentaries. Very interesting and entertaining. These guys are incredible athletes!!! They definitely deserved the title…Fittest athletes on earth.

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