What’s American Ninja Warrior Missing?

The following is an Open Editorial, it is not the opinion or position of the UNAA.  It is my personal musing.  I have watched ANW for years – NBC does a great job of promoting TV shows and providing entertainment.  And ANW is an entertainment product.

I have been involved in several conversations about ANW.  How fun it is to watch; how fun it is to see people you know; how great it is to see a person overcome difficult life situations and move forward; what an awesome feeling it is to see a person come back from adversity and succeed.  It truly is all of this and more and for that, I love the show.


Some people have that desire or goal to be on the show, and the feeling is that being on the show is the pinnacle.  But I scratch my head at times and wonder why is it the pinnacle?  Competition I can understand – and it has been argued by me that ANW is not the Super Bowl or top of the heap.  How can it be?

Let’s use the Super Bowl; Stanley Cup; World Series; you pick any other pro sport.  From my best recollection, any sport that has a championship game or series – the top teams or players earn their way there.  So one get’s there by competing over a designated time and wins the games that matter to qualify for the big dance.

So does ANW require a playoff series or qualifying season to get there?  No!  It goes back to the fact it is an entertainment product – and a good one.

I want this to be a recognized sport, as of yet it is not.  And how can you define a pro from an amateur when the only measuring stick is a television show.  Unless someone can let me know (please correct me if I am wrong) nobody makes a full time living from competing in Ninja Obstacle Competitions.  Maybe someone get’s hooked up with a sponsor or endorsement, or perhaps being on the show creates excitement for a gym owner and that drives up business.  But does anyone get paid directly from competing and makes a living from it?

Sooooooooo, does ANW need a playoff series?  And perhaps not one that NBC controls? Should this stay an entertainment product?  Or maybe it will take other associations, leagues and organizations to provide the avenue for a playoff series and allow any and everyone to compete.

The UNAA does this exact thing – allow anyone and everyone to compete and attempt to get to the championships.

I love playing devil’s advocate, stir up the pot and get people riled up.  So please let me know what you all think!


2 thoughts on “What’s American Ninja Warrior Missing?

  1. Yes you’re wrong, there are some ninjas making a living at it. Jake Murray, Adam Rayl, Issac Caldiero just to name a few. Probably half a dozen more.


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