Ninja Obstacle Academy – AL – Apr 29th

With so many Ninja happenings going on around the country, these Ninjas still got out and have qualified for the UNAA Nationals!!!

Many familiar names – back to the Nationals, CONGRATS!!!!!


  1. Matthew Ilgenfritz
  2. Chris Boehm
  3. Jo Jo Bynum
  4. Bobby Bohanon
  5. Bobby Zavala
  6. Kevin Karbone
  7. Sam O’Brien
  8. Chris Moore
  9. James Bennett


  1. Lindsay Eskildsen
  2. Jessica Clayton

Youth 14-17

  1. Daniel Ilgenfritz
  2. Rachel Brown
  3. Chase Cline

Youth 10-13

  1. Elijah Browning
  2. Mark O’Brien
  3. Cole Jones
  4. Caeden Rosen

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