Jeff Tai – MROC Training/Jackson Strength – Oceanside, CA

Here we have competitor Jeff, Age 31, Taiwan.

Athletic background?

Played varsity high school basketball and also played in leagues out side of school.  Trained in Chinese martial arts when I was in elementary. Competed in Crossfit, Olympic weightlifting, and Spartan races. I have a well-versed background in training for strength and speed.

How long obstacle course training?

I have been doing ninja warrior style training for a little over a year.

Why obstacle training?

I got bored with weight training and didn’t have time to compete in basketball and was looking for something new that could exploit/improve my overall athleticism.

Why compete? Motivation? 

I enjoy competing because I feel that is a good way to track long-term progress in training. Competing is also a good way for me to motivate myself to train harder and to keep on setting goals to achieve. I also discover more about myself and the personality aspects that I need to work on more during competitions.

Favorite obstacle? Least favorite obstacle?

Any peg board obstacles because that’s my weakest event and challenges me the most. Least favorite obstacle is the warped wall that’s 14’6” or lower because those aren’t as challenging any more.

Personal interests (movies, hobbies, music, books, charities, etc.)?

Trying out different types of outdoor activities and restaurants. I also love attending games and tournaments that the athletes I train compete in.

Something interesting about you?

I have worked hard to recover from bipolar disorder and am now working as a strength coach, training athletes from different sports and age groups.

Motto or how you live your life?

I try my best to live a balanced life (work, alone time, exercise/training, relationships, and etc.) I like to set goals for myself and also prefer variety in life instead of living a routine and monotonous life. I love affecting people and bringing out their positive qualities to positively affect the world. We are all one! Let’s make the world a better place for everyone to live in.

Piece of advice for obstacle course training.

Definitely work on your weakness, which can include:

1) Strength, speed, and endurance related

a) Hanging grip work/ upper body

b) Lower body

c) Superior conditioning and endurance will help you remove lactic acid from your fingers and forearms at a faster rate and thus help you move from obstacle to obstacle faster without as much fatigue.

2) Skill related

a) Train with movements/tools that mimics the ones in competitions as often as possible. ie. Timing and rhythm moving from hanging obstacles, specific balancing skills (tire shuffles, pvc pipe walks, and etc.)

b) Setting or challenging obstacle courses that are realistic to accomplish and eventually progressing to higher leveled courses

3) Pacing during obstacle course training

a) This will improve with more experience but generally it’s better to rest a little longer in between obstacles, that way you will be fresh for the next obstacle and thus have a higher chance of completing it due to higher concentration and less fatigue/lactic acid build-up.


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