“Fun Facts in the Ninja News” all about Brittany Hanks (a.k.a.) Blue Ninja

I Finally got Brittany to fill out the Fun Facts, finally!!  Just Kidding 🙂

Soooooo, the Blue Ninja likes Justin Bieber and barks.  Wait, what??

Read more below to find out more about Brittany – some you may know, some you may not.

Do you follow any pro sports, if so which teams/sports?

To be honest I do not really follow any pro sports lol The only sport I somewhat follow is football and that is mostly around super bowl time. A few of the teams I like to keep my eyes on are the Dallas Cowboys of course and the Green Bay Packers.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue of course! I not only have blue everything, but I even have blue highlights in my hair! I absolutely love blue and I eventually want my car to be blue as well. All jokes aside though there is more meaning behind this color to me than most people realize. I have always like blue, but the reason I took such a fondness to this color a few years ago is because of my grandfather. He, like myself, was a biomedical major in college. We used to sit at the dinner table and talk about biochemistry and biology and our entire family I swear thought we were crazy. Like myself he went through many of the hardships I have faced. People telling him he was not smart enough to reach his goal and that he could never do it. He graduated with honors from dental school and was a practicing dentist for 30 years! To me this man was one of the most inspirational people in my life. He was in the navy so he always loved blue and would wear it proudly. Unfortunately, he passed away about two years ago, now. I wear blue streaks in my hair and call myself the blue ninja in his memory and to remind myself of his words when I am going through tough times. He always encouraged me that no matter who told me I could not do something if I believed I could that I could accomplish anything.


What are your favorite TV shows?

Man, there are too many to pick from! Of course, I love ANW. I really like hell’s kitchen, The Challenge, Once Upon a Time, House, and Teen wolf. All completely different, but I love sci-fi/mythological things as well as anything related to the medical field or obstacle course challenges.


What are your favorite movies?

I love scary movies. Some of my favorite all time scary movies are the Texas chainsaw massacre, the saw series, and Don’t Breathe. Some of my others are the Hunger Games, Divergent, Inside Out, Never Back Down and Stick It. I am still a kid at heart so I basically still love all the animated kid’s movies as well!

What are your favorite songs?

Chasing cars by Snow Patrol has always been one of my number one songs. I am currently teaching myself to play it on the guitar. As for music in general I like everything from heavy metal to country to classical piano music. Some of my favorite bands are bullet for my valentine, blink 182, Chase rice. My favorite classical channel of Pandora is explosions in the sky. I Love all types of music for sure!

What are your favorite movies you hate to admit?

I love the notebook, dear john and basically anything written by Nicholas Sparks. I know they are sappy love stories, but I just love them! On a side note one show I hate to admit liking is south park it is awful, but it is hilarious.

What are your favorite songs you hate to admit?

I hate admitting that I like Justin Bieber, but some of his songs are pretty good.

Any hidden talents?

I can make all kinds of animal noises that sound pretty legit. People that know are always asking me to bark like a dog to trip people out its pretty funny.

What is your favorite food?

It is not the best but I cannot stay away from Chick-fil- A. It is such a weakness. (Geoff Lancaster know what I mean lol).  I also LOVE pickles!! They are totally one of my favorite snacks of all time.

Favorite hobby outside of physical activity?

I love to draw and I am a very active person, but sometimes I like to relax and just pick up a pencil or a paint brush and see what I can come up with. It is a good stress reliever and takes your mind off things and allows you to focus.


Three words to describe you?

Energetic, Goal-Oriented, Caring


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