Protein, Protein Everywhere!


When I first became a vegan, there was always that fear/thought of not getting enough protein.  And when researching this topic, the obvious options were legumes; lentils; quinoa; rice; hemp seeds; peas; etc.  But I will be the first to admit, having this as the bulk of your diet and protein source can become bothersome for you and others.

Add in some vegan protein powders as there are many and most taste great – Orgain (my fav); Sun Warrior; Vega; Garden of Life; and many others.  But cost can at times be the determining factor here.

Tempeh is an option, but, not a fan at all.  Tofu I enjoy when eating out and it is prepared in an awesome manner, but, I have not figured this out yet.  When I found Seitan, this is my favorite protein source hands down!

This article right here, gives the information about protein sources in a way that isn’t worth being rewritten.

A fallacy and myth that won’t go away concerning complete proteins and amino acid profiles is addressed masterfully right here.  I regurgitated many times this exact story in my attempt to defend my Paleo ways.



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