Jason Jin – MROC Army/The Mountain/24 hour fitness – South Korea/ now in San Diego

Here we have competitor Jason, age 22, South Korea now in San Diego.

Athletic background?  I do not really have much athletic background. But, I started training myself at age around 18 with only bars and body weight (aka. calisthenics). I like to run obstacle races such as Rugged Maniacs, Spartan Races, Terrain Races, etc.

How long obstacle course training? I’m a new ninja. About a year since at the end of 2015

Why obstacle training? I always want to challenge myself to the limit. When I first visited MROC Army (obstacle course gym) at Oceanside, I had no difficulty accomplishing obstacles haha and they were really entertaining me a lot.

Why compete?  Motivation? Obstacle training is now my passion and I know I pull off something out of it and I want to show people that a Korean guy can become a ninja too haha and I really want to be on the ANW show to compete with others

Favorite obstacle? Anything dealing with upper body 🙂 Least favorite obstacle? rolling log or any tough balancing obstacle

Personal interests (movies, hobbies, music, books, charities, etc.)? I like to play basketball and piano

Something interesting about you? I still go to college at UCSD and I’m a pharmacological chemistry student 🙂

Motto or how you live your life? “do not rush and be relaxed”

Piece of advice for obstacle course training. I have somewhat natural grip strength so I use captain of crush (COC) grippers to make my even strength stronger. I think COC grippers are really useful to build stronger grip strength. This really helps for any obstacles dealing with grip strength. Also, I think pull-up is the best for building upper body strength. You have to be lean and strong in order to be better ninja

Social media info, pics, videos, other links, anything you care to share?



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