“Fun Facts in the Ninja News” all about Travis Breuer

So who is Travis Breuer?  Who is he really?  Is he a comedian; a Ninja; a singer; a performer; announcer; or is he secretly Psy?


Some of you might know many of these Fun Facts, but, most maybe not (I know I didn’t know). Now we ALL can know!

So here, we, go!!!

I’m a Non-Denominational Christian which simply means I believe Jesus Christ in the Bible is the incarnation of God sacrificed by being crucified, and raised back to life for the repayment of all unrighteousness to anyone who asks God for his forgiveness. I have also actually studied the Bible which is why I’m not a jerk. Lol

I’m Korean, and can pull off a pretty good gangnam style costume.

I’m “Travis BreUer”, not fellow ninja “Travis BreWer”. For the occasional autograph request, or “birthday message for their kid” request, I’m happy to point them in the right direction. Although, it probably would be pretty funny to actually send them an autographed picture of myself.

I was adopted when I was a baby by Midwestern white folks. Lol. People ask if I’ve ever looked for my “real” family. What they really mean is my biological family, because my real family found me.

For a brief moment, the high altitude at the UNAA Finals almost made me pass out when I did that 20 hours of sports commentary and announcing.

I’m pretty outdoorsy. Fishing, kayaking, and ninja training by climbing on structures while out for a jog are definitely on the “yes” list for me.

Sometimes me and my friends will play instrumentals off of youtube, and have a karaoke/freestyle session. Haha

Dance floor? Don’t gotta ask me twice.

I love food!!! So much so that I learned how to prepare it. I can even flip a crepe!

I manage which followed the UNAA Finals day 1-2 preliminaries, provides ninja tips, videos of competitions, and also offers a way to make extra income by working out ninja style!


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