Me – a Vegan


As I stepped with one foot into the Ninja Community just over a year ago (which happens to be awesome), I also made up my mind to be a vegan or plant-based muncher (which for me is equally awesome).  These two separate events in my life did not go hand-in-hand; they were two very distinct occurrences.

One I fell into; it just happened for my betterment.  The other was a long thought out process and very deliberate; and that happened for the betterment of others.  These two worlds are intertwined as I have met and come across so many other vegans.

It was a little over two years in the making, becoming a Vegan.  I knew why I wanted to change, I knew the exact reason and the horrible things that animals endure for our meals or clothing.  The reason was first and foremost for the animals.

I do admit the change can be hard and I understand why so many are reluctant.  My own family has to take me crap, I harass them often – but love the hell out of them.  And they know my jabs are in fun, but, at the same time I have told them – “it hurts my heart”.  It hurts just knowing!

I was on a road trip recently and had a lot of time to talk with my car partner – he actually told me – “at least you’re not a dick vegan”.  I laughed and I also understood.

I am guilty of sharing graphic pictures, stories and videos of abuse and horrific treatment to animals.  But recently it hit me (actually I had a friend tell me) that it does not work.  It’s like fighting violence with violence – the message can get ignored or worse yet, purposely do the opposite of what you are fighting for.

So in all reality, compassion is the way to go.  Compassion for the animals and compassion for those people you may be trying to reach.  And understanding the struggle is by far the most productive use of time.  Education is key and supporting those that are interested and wanting to change.  I have said many times over, “one meal at a time, one person at a time”.

Be the Change You Want to See


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