An Open Letter to the Ninja Community

Dear Ninja Community,

So, looking back at my time (just over one year) involved in some way with the Ninja Community, I have a lot of thoughts and emotions.


Up until a year ago, all I knew about the Ninja Community was American Ninja Warrior.  Then I stumbled upon Ninja Park due to my children telling me they saw this Ninja place.  So of course I had to check it out and immediately I had to work there.  So Garrett Takach (owner) and Charlie Mitchell (manager) gave me my shot at being a personal trainer there, and I have never looked back.  Definitely never looked at a traditional gym the same way, EVER!

From getting my first client at Ninja Park, to obtaining the morning open gym and TakFit class, to volunteering for the UNAA – my goals are to help make Ninja Park better and better and to contribute to the UNAA so it will grow into the premier Ninja association it is destined to be.

Over this last year I have met many awesome people at the Ninja Park and the UNAA events.  Some in person and other people online only.  I have got to know several of them a bit more over this time.  But, I can say the community as a whole is pretty damn awesome!

I have no aspirations of being on ANW, as of this writing still never competed in any competition, I don’t train enough on the obstacles to be at that next level, but I want to be part of this community nonetheless.

And I am good with all of this!

The reason for starting the Ninja News was to connect, learn a little more about the community, participate and be involved in some manner.  Not many know much about me, that’s probably a good thing J  Little by little, we all will connect and know each other.

I enjoy and appreciate the contributions by so many of the Ninja Obstacle Course athletes.

So in this letter I can say Thank You to the Ninja Park owner; managers; trainers; staff; members; clients; the UNAA owner; participants; spectators; supporters and the entire Ninja community!



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