“Fun Facts in the Ninja News” all about Maggi Thorne

MAGGI THORNE –  Ninja; Spartan; Team Thorne; Mrs. International 2014; Entrepreneur; Mother; Wife; Business Woman; Soles for Souls.

Whew, that is the short list and what a list it is!

For those that know Maggi, none of this comes as a surprise, she has been a fixture in the Ninja community for some time.  I finally was able to actually meet her in Anaheim at the FitExpo with the UNAA.  She of course competed and had a very fun and unusual completion of the floating peg board.  And at the end of the expo, she jumped in to assist in our take down of the course – that was much appreciated 🙂

So for those that know and those that don’t – here are some Fun Facts about Maggi.


Do you follow any pro sports, if so which teams/sports?

I LOVE football, but I’m a college football fan before I’d watch any pro teams cheering on the Nebraska Huskers. At any moment you can also hear me shouting Boomer Sooner for the Sooners and  Go Buckeyes!  Bob Stoops and Urban Meyer are the real deal authentic coach’s. Pro wise, I follow where former Huskers play, as a child though we cheered for the Raiders. Can Circque De Soliel count as a sport? They are amazeballs!

What is your favorite color?

Hot Pink or anything florescent, I love all things bright, they make me feel happy 🙂

What are your favorite TV Shows?

ANW is the obvious, but Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legends of Korra, Teen Titans Go and recently House of Cards. I’m a big fan of historical documentaries and science shows like How Its Made….I nerd hard 🙂

What are your favorite Movies?

Hoosiers, Waterboy, Harry Potter, Divergant, Interstellar, The Proposal, Taken, Big Hero 6….and anything with Liam Neesan, Ryan Reynolds or Sandra Bullock. With three kids, usually Pixar or DreamWorks is playing.

What are your favorite Songs?

Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby!!! I’m all over the place with music really with everything from Christian to rap, techno or classical every now and then. If you looked at my fav playlist right now, it has Sugary Ray, Hillsong United, Adele, Switchfoot, Stars Go Dim, Rihanna, Katy Perry, American Authors, for King & Country, Lauren Daigle, One Direction, Outkast, Skrillex/Rick Ross and London Philharmonic Orchestra

What are your favorite Movies you hate to admit?

ohhhh, ok… Twilight (Team Edward here), High School Musical, and Hallmark channel movies (get me some hot chocolate and popcorn in the winter and I rom com it like a pro)!!

Any hidden talents?

I love doing different voices, not that I’m good at them, but impersonations are fun!

What is something you regret?

Hands down piercing my belly button! I left it in when I was pregnant and that was a baaaad idea too!

Favorite hobby outside of physical activity?

I don’t sit still well so my whole life is pretty full of physical activity and adventure. I LOVE to travel with my kids and every friday we do family movie night camping out together on the couch with popcorn. Waaaaait a minute….does napping count? Oh….I got one! I secretly take those stupid facebooks quiz’s AND I love cloud watching to search for shapes. This one is hard, I can choose! I also love being at the beach, I’m a HUGE water person from skiing, jet skis, swimming, surfing….it’s a wonder I still live in Nebraska.

What is your favorite Food?

A really good peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, with fresh ground PB and an awesome all natural Jelly…..nom nom

What three words best describe you? 

Determined, Loyal, Spazz

Best kept travel secret? 

By far….Atlanta Airport, Concourse A, a little corner shop called “Piece of Cake”. I go out of my way to stop here if my layover allows (and have almost missed flights to stop here!)  If you want cheesecake, there’s a restaurant with a dessert takeout case and this cheesecake will rock your world (all $9 of it!) in Concourse A around the corner tucked away from Piece of Cake 🙂 Yummmmmm




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