“Fun Facts in the Ninja News” all about Alena Dawn

Here we have one of our awesome Ninja ladies – that just happens to also be an OCR, Parkour, Free Runner Athlete; Actress; Artist; Model; Dancer; Aspiring Film Director and Designer.

First connection was online and then got to meet her at the UNAA finals and again in Anaheim at the UNAA both/competition.  She was so nice, full of smiles and competed of course.  Can’t keep a Ninja Obstacle Course athlete from competing when there is a course right in their face.

One could find out so much about Alena online, but, I bet only her close friends know most of these Fun Facts about her.  So get to know her a little more right here!


Do you follow any pro sports, if so which teams/sports?

Seahawks, Mariners, Lakers

Are my main teams, I love any good watching football game especially.

What is your favorite color?

That’s tough I’m way obsessed with combining black and white, but I love bubblegum blue and hot pink.

What are your favorite TV Shows?

I don’t watch much tv but American ninja warrior and team ninja warrior of course hahah, but I like super hero shows like Gotham, and vampire stuff like vampire diaries, also the cosmos and ancient aliens, family guy and Rick and Morty are shows I love.

What are your favorite Movies?

Inception and Anything with Leonardo DiCaprio,  Jared Leto, MarkWahlberg or Brangelina -Mr and Mrs. Smith, Fight Club, Mad Max, Underworld, Pre, The Dark Knight, Avengers, X Men, (I love DC and Marvel just about anything) Terminator 2, Run, Friday, Sin city, Limitless, American beauty, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 500 days of Summer, Finding Nemo, Princess Mononoke, The Lego Movie

What are your favorite Songs?

I have no idea too many Linkin Park and Eminem songs to list. I’m all about that bass haha and guitar…  I’m super into listening to chill step, EDM and trap right now though. Nirvana is one of my all time favorite bands as I spent most of my years growing up in Seattle. I probably listen to alternative music more than anything but like most styles other than country. Going to live shows is one of my favorite things to do. I listen to music most of the time when I’m alone over watching tv.

What are your favorite Movies you hate to admit?

Twilight haha … Totally team Edward over here!

What are your favorite Songs you hate to admit?

More than one Taylor Swift song and there also might be like 3 Drake songs I really like.

Actor you feel you are most like and why?

Angelina Jolie because she is a super badas.. And also feminine and attractive but she also cares about making a difference in the world as I do. She is unique and humble. I actually am also and actress that can convey the same types of characters she does.  She is  a strong woman even directing now which is something I will also be doing in the future.

Favorite hobby outside of physical activity?

Anything artistic and visually appealing- I love color and composition- painting, fashion design film editing, photography Etc

What is your favorite Food?

Sushi and Thai food I’m equally addicted!


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