The Recent UNAA Adventure and the StaBallizer

The UNAA was invited to The Fit Expo in Anaheim, CA over the August 27th and 28th 2016 weekend.  I was fortunate enough to tag along and volunteer for the UNAA at this event.
It was work, it was busy and it was fun.  There were around 350 vendors, exhibitors and booths from companies all within and around the fitness industry.
We of course wanted to be busier, but, the Ninja community came out for some awesome support.  This proving to me that the Ninja community is vast, supportive and all one.
There were so many industry innovators there as well as recent YouTube sensations and everyone else in-between.  And what a great bunch of people they are.
But this blog post was meant to highlight a fun and innovative product that we got to try as did so many others.  The StaBallizer was a super cool, versatile tool that I look at as a fitness tool.  It is all that and more – balance, core strength, stability and strengthening of knees and ankles.  All this while playing video games right from your smart phone.
There was the half ball with handles for planks, the footplates for upright games and the stabllizer balls that can be placed into two half sections for renegade rows or pushups.  And several other uses that this fitness/gaming system can provide.
In just a few minutes of playing, my core was on fire and all while not paying attention to it. There were several of the Ninja competitors that tried it out – see a couple of them here.
Mitch is a physical therapist and creator of this multi-use tool.  Read all about him and the StaBallizer at the following links along with his KickStarter page.  And other social media pages:

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