The Jake Murray Experience

I wanted to take few minutes to bring light to my personal experience with the Ninja athletes at the recent UNAA finals.

I know most everyone has their own stories and experiences, but, my own experiences filled my heart.

I had a youth competitor shyly approach me and ask if that was “The Human Panther” – I said sure is, took him over and Anthony Scott took over at that time for an autograph on his t-shirt – RESPECT!

Numerous times did I see Michael Stanger, Henry Ferrarin, Jessie Graff, and Joe Moravsky signing autographs and posing for photo ops – as an example.  And so many others’ were doing the same thing – Much Love!

I even had the parents of a youth competitor ask for my autograph on their UNAA hat, I have never competed and was just there volunteering – how cool is that?!

This is what I expected to see and this is what it’s really all about!

My mom was at the Saturday preliminaries and was full of questions and was helping with anything she could.   She wanted a picture with Jake Murray, when she asked “can I get a picture with you?”, he replied “no, no, can I get a picture with You?”  Now read that again and imagine how that makes the person asking feel?  It was so cool to witness this and I expressed to him how awesome I thought that gesture was – truly made me see how genuine he is.


Now that again is what it’s really all about – thank you to all the UNAA competitors, spectators and volunteers!!!!!



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