Matthew Holt – Gauntlet Fitness – Lone Grove, Oklahoma

Here we have competitor Matt, age 20, Lone Grove Oklahoma

Athletic background?  Parkour/ Freerunning/ Gymnastics

How long obstacle course training?  About 6 months.

Why obstacle training?   I made a promise to my family that I’d be on American Ninja Warrior one day.

Matt Holt (3)

Why compete?  Motivation?  I compete to show people that it doesn’t matter your size, as long as you set your mind to it. And I told my brother before he passed away that I’d be a competitor on American Ninja Warrior.

Favorite obstacle?  Least favorite obstacle?    Favorite: Ultimate Cliff Hanger. Least Favorite: Spinning Log

Personal interests (movies, hobbies, music, books, charities, etc.)?  Hang out with friends, skateboard, freerunning, and watch movies.

Matt Holt

Something interesting about you?  I’m a pretty big nerd

Motto or how you live your life?  Live everyday as if it were your last.

Piece of advice for obstacle course training?   Never give up no matter how difficult it gets!

Matt Holt (2)

Social media info, pics, videos, other links?

YouTube Channel:



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