Keep the Dream Alive

This article is a guest contribution from Jorge Posada – thank you Jorge for the time and dedication – one of many I hope!


You made a great video. They watched it, liked it, and you were selected to compete on NBC’s hit TV show American Ninja Warrior. Great job! A golden opportunity that only a selected bunch out of 75,000 applicants, this year alone, get to experience. You chased chickens, milked goats, and climbed every possible type of apparatus in order to get ready for your big shot. Very sadly however, a miscalculation on those new pinball steps and you were in the water.  Done.  All that work to get there and it was all over in 15 seconds. There is still, and always will be, next year of course. But for the meantime, how do you keep that drive going exactly?

It isn’t very easy to live through watching the guys you stood in line with that night doing things you had practiced over and over and know you could have done. Are you going to shake it off and get back to work, making the same sacrifices you made for another 12 months with hopes of trying again? Putting all your eggs in that one basket and just watching things unfold on TV as you wait and wait and wait for next season to come back around can be very frustrating. Well, as I personally learned, it does not have to be that way.

You can give your journey even more meaning and find motivation by joining a league. Wait, what is this “league” you speak of exactly?

Unlike the NFL and NBA, you do not have to be an amazing talented athlete to become part of the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) and compete in local competition alongside many current and previous athletes featured on the show. Just about anyone 18 and older can pay the small fee and join in on the fun while learning, improving and gaining more confidence along the way.

With several dozen gyms across the country hosting UNAA competition during its season, you have the opportunity to qualify for a regional event, and then advance to the national finals set to be held in New Mexico this year with the winner taking home a nice $10,000 cash prize. Fun indeed!

Will it be on TV for all your friends and family to watch? Well, not exactly. But the experience you will have competing with some of the star from the show will be like no other. You will get stronger, more agile, and be exposed to every possible obstacle so that nothing will surprise going forward. Not to mention the absolute blast you will have and the friendships you will develop along the way. And if and when the show comes back around, I guarantee you will be much more prepared.

Stay strong, stay focused, and keep the motivation going.

Jorge L. Posada

Dreamer, writer, athlete and Member of the Ninja Lounge Street Team


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