Shiny Object Syndrome

Just a few quick words about not getting stuck in your own head, or getting in your own way.

Maybe you have heard of the shiny object syndrome?  If not, don’t fall for it!!!!!

Too many people get caught up in the flavor of the month – they jump from today’s diet or training method to the newest because they saw it on Oprah, Dr. Oz or the internet.

“Here I have the latest, greatest, biggest piece of shit – all on sale, with the promises of a better butt, bigger chest, higher vertical leap, bigger deadlift – all for the low price of IT’S NOT WORTH IT – and wait, that’s not all”!!!!!


Find something you like, someone you trust and just stick to it!  Changes for the better will come – STOP jumping around from eating plan to eating plan, training method to training method, the next best training implement or the gym across the street because it might be new!

Just because something is new or wrapped in a new package, DOES NOT MEAN IT’S BETTER.

Give everything you do an honest try, get informed and get your ass moving!


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