An Ethical Bribe – UNAA Finals

This offer is not affiliated or promoted by the UNAA, but, since I’m all about the UNAA – here it goes.

I completely enjoy and appreciate the contributions to this blog – from the depths of my heart.

So now the bribe part and a gift to the winner!

Starting today up until 7/16/2016 I want to offer up to pay the entry fee ($40.00 maximum) for the contributor that has the most views of their original article.  The article can be about nutrition, training, piece of equipment – something related to your journey and that something that provides value to others.

If there are enough articles (15 or more), then the top two will get paid by me personally.  Either I pay it for you here in Albuquerque at the Ninja Park, or I can send the money via PayPal for the entry fee to the UNAA finals.

The winner will be picked by myself based on the total views on the blog as it is in the screen shot from the blog below.  Easy to see, verify and track.


Really the only rule is to please keep it to your original work. 

Oh, and if you are not going to the UNAA finals and you have got something great to share, you can contribute and win – then just gift it to someone that will be at the UNAA  finals.

Who is in???  Ready, Set, Go!!!


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