Workin’ the Backside

And I’m talking about the posterior chain.  More specifically using the KB Swing to train the hamstrings; calves; lower back; spinal muscles; and the mid to upper back with long sets or a heavy load.

I am not the expert here, but, I did work with a local RKC/Team Lead to help me clean up my form on KB exercises.  And I have attempted to follow those that are in the know.

But, I wish I knew when this bastardized American KB “swing” reared its’ ugly head.

It’s a hip hinge exercise and the KB swing needs to be just that.

It’s not a squat, not a dead lift and definitely not a shoulder/trap exercise that one would attempt to raise the KB above shoulder level or worse yet, above the head.  Again, this is my opinion, but this movement in its’ purest form is not any of these.

If you performed the KB Swing long enough in a set and with sufficient load you will feel it from your neck to your feet – but that’s if performed correctly.

I am going to tag and reach out for comments on this, but, I will most value those that live this, teach this and know the traditional methods.  I know there are without a doubt a high number of those qualified to teach this correctly, and I also know that an online certification to have a KB cert won’t cut it.

My hope is that there will be some activity from those that truly know and get a small video clip or tutorial on this exact subject.


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