No Time to Relax

We are in the midst of the inaugural season of the UNAA and I have to say there are some phenomenal athletes competing.  Don’t get lost in the ANW season and overlook the UNAA athletes.  Some are too young to compete in ANW, some don’t have the desire yet, and others’ tried and did not get the call.  And then we have those that did get the call and competed and may still be competing.

Yet, many of the UNAA athletes would kick ass over at least 50% of those that get on the show.  My opinion only, so hate if you want.  But we must remember the show greatly limits the number of athletes, the UNAA does not.

Anyway, there are outstanding Regional’s going on right now and many athletes have already punched that ticket to the Nationals.  So keep killing the workouts, the competitions and most of all – the support that we all can provide!

Keep it going strong UNAA!!!!!


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