Are Ninja Athletes Elitists?

Is the Ninja community loaded with ego and people that are holier than thou?

I sure hope not, but…

Sure we want to believe that our gym is the best, our athletes are the best, our part of the country is the best, etc.  But this is why we train, practice and compete.  To show what we can do – not to show off!

We can be loyal to an association, league or organization – why not be loyal and support them all so the sport and community grows, not fragments.

Support your gym, athletes and organizations – just do not do it at the cost of tearing down any other.

I’m going to use CrossFit as an example of community.  Sure they probably have similar issues here and there.  The diehards eat, sleep and train CrossFit.  They support their box and all other boxes and will fight you if anything negative is said about CrossFit.  And still they have built an awesome community and family.

Ninja Obstacle Course sport should do and be the same.  And God forbid anyone strains a lat or tears a rotator cuff patting themselves on the back!  All for what?  To boost your ego?

Competition is healthy and keeps everybody on their toes.  It can create greatness.  So don’t believe you must have a monopoly; be and do your best and push the competition.  Make the entire sport strive for greatness and to be better.

Let the work you do speak for itself and benefit the entire Ninja Obstacle Course community.  If you put in the work and stay humble your friends, family and fans will brag for you.

Build a Community; Create Greatness


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