Miles Keller – Obstacle Warriors

Here we have competitor Miles, age 36

I train a little of everywhere in the south, mostly Oklahoma or Florida. I spend the majority of my time training running at the park or trails. I weight lift at 24hr and obstacle train at Obstacle Warriors (the best place to train)

Athletic background?  I’ve actually only gotten serious about athletics and fitness in the past 3 years.  My parents steered me away from competitive athletics for religious reasons. I was always into weight lifting though. I got married and had a kid and let myself go. It’s the kind of complacent mentality that echoes eh I’m married and we don’t have anyone to impress so you eat whatever you want and stay at home playing video games instead of being healthy. One day due to a bet I started getting up early for the gym as I have always been competitive. One thing lead to another, I won the bet and the fitness lifestyle was back in my life stronger than ever. It lead me to a new goal of becoming an elite OCR athlete. I haven’t earned the title yet but I train hard every day trying to reach it.

How long obstacle course training?  3 years.

Why obstacle training?   It feels natural to me. I’m built for it. I’m short, light and stocky.

Why compete?  Motivation?  Because I want to never stop growing and getting stronger mentally and physically. I don’t want age to ever become an excuse. Your mental grit won’t get stronger if you back down.

Favorite obstacle?  Least favorite obstacle?  Favorite obstacle has got to be the salmon ladder. I love them all; it’s hard to choose just one. My only weakness is literally anything balance related haha.

Personal interests (movies, hobbies, music, books, charities, etc.)?  I love anything obstacle course racing related. I also like playing video games to give my brain a break at night time. I love to travel to new countries and get to know new cultures, people, and cuisine. I also have a drift car that I have been neglecting because I have concentrated so much time on training.

Something interesting about you?  I’m a lab pack chemist as my job, I work with hazmat but not in the way many people think of when they think of hazmat. It’s a very niche job. I also speak Spanish fluently even though I’m white.

Motto or how you live your life?  PUSH YOURSELF! GRIND! HUSTLE! Be passionate about something.  Get out of you comfort zone. Don’t be complacent, if adaptive athletes with serious handicaps can get to the gym or go compete in a sport you don’t have an excuse. NOTHING ever great came from people doing the same thing day in day out.  Inventions and places were discovered because of passionate people that were brave enough to try something new sometimes many time over.

Piece of advice for obstacle course training?   KEEP YOUR ARMS AT A 90 DEGREE ANGLE!!!  Don’t misjudge the importance of grip and endurance training. For some obstacles you need explosive strength like the salmon ladder. The transition from rung to rung needs to be fast and violent. If your having trouble practice when you do your pull ups. On your way up to the bar practice trying to get the bar lower and lower on your chest.  People start up with chin ups but after time you can get the bar to your upper chest.  Once you can get the bar lower on your chest you can explode up and use the little bit of time at the top of the explosion to get to the next rung.

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