Thomas Doweidt – Obstacle Warriors

Here we have competitor Thomas, age 25, Roanoke, TX

Athletic background?  A little bit of everything! As a kid I played the usual sports, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball. We lived on a lake at the time so every weekend we would go skiing, kneeboarding, and wake boarding. And paintball with the friends.

I got into Taekwondo around the age of nine. I stuck with Taekwondo for a long time and got my 3rd degree black belt. I became part of the demo team where we would perform weapons and board breaks and tricks for shows. This led me into trampoline and tumbling, so I started playing in gymnastics for fun. While I was doing Taekwondo and tumbling I tried out for the “USA Slider Search.” The Slider Search was trying to find athletes for the Jr. Olympic Luge team. So I got to go to Lake Placid New York and train at the Olympic facility and train on the Luge track up there.

When my family moved to Wisconsin I found a great friend group that got me into weight lifting and motocross. They taught me the basics of lifting and everything I needed to know to make my way around a gym, one of my favorite things to do to this day.

College brought on a whole new list of sports. I got interested in Parkour. My friend and I found a gym that would let us train, we taught ourselves the basics, and started a Parkour club at our school. I was the main instructor for 3 years doing that. During that time I joined the Outdoor Adventure Club which got me into rock climbing. A few friends and built a rock wall in their garage and we would spend every chance we got on that wall. That same group got me to buy a kayak, and go kayak the Colorado river on a trip to Moab, Utah.

Moving back to Dallas I continued climbing and started getting into auto racing. Building my car up and progressing faster and faster along side my dad. I have recently started training traveling rings and learning to swing like spiderman.  And of corse finally I added obstacle course training to the list of fun training that I do!

Thomas Doweidt  (2)

How long obstacle course training?  About a year and a half now.

Why obstacle training?   I like the challenge. I like doing what people say can’t be done. Most importantly I like to put on a show. I have always wanted to be a stuntman for movies. I like to entertain. So when I can go out there and make people say “wow” its a lot of fun for me.

Why compete?  Motivation?  Partially because I am naturally very competitive. Competition drives us to be better. It is a lot of fun to have someone pushing you to be that much better. And the ninja community is an awesome community and is very fun to hang around with!

The other part of my motivation comes from wanting to prove myself. As the show gained popularity friends and family kept telling me that I should try out. At first I was looking at these other competitors on TV thinking “these guys quit their jobs to train and still fall. What chance do I have?” Well I tried out for the show, decided I needed to get hands on the obstacles just in case I made it on. So I went to Sam Sanns gym for the first time, 2 weeks later I was in my first competition at his gym. I took home 12th place. That competition showed me that I can keep up with some very good athletes. Since then I just want to keep proving that I have the skill to compete with these other ninjas.

Favorite obstacle?  Least favorite obstacle?  Favorite- Anything dynamic. But probably the flying bar is my top. I really really like laches’. The half pipe attack is fun too!

Least favorite- tough call but, the body prop? Its not that its crazy, its just not fun for me.

Personal interests (movies, hobbies, music, books, charities, etc.)?  Like I said earlier, sports. I really like adrenaline sports. The big ones right now cars (working on cars, driving them, racing them, researching them I really like cars.) Lifting, ninja, traveling rings, climbing.

Something interesting about you?  Haha you just read it! I have 2 plates and 12 screws in my right arm. I have had 7 staples put in my head. Multiple concussions, broken ribs, nose, fingers, toes, all that fun stuff. But for the most part I just like doing anything that will get the adrenaline going.

Thomas Doweidt  (3)

Motto or how you live your life?  I only have one tattoo. It says Attitude across my right shoulder. Symbolizing having the right attitude. There are so many things in this world that we can not control. But what we can control is how we react to these things. A positive attitude is a catalyst for a positive life.

Piece of advice for obstacle course training?   Keep it fun.  It’s easy to let competition take you to a place where training is no longer fun. You perform better when you are enjoying yourself!

Social media info, pics, videos, other links?

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My Facebook Fan page: (need to update more, its been awhile. Race season is starting so I will be more



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