Brittany Hanks – Obstacle Warriors

Here we have competitor Brittany, age 22, Dallas, TX

Athletic background?  I have been an athlete my entire life. I started gymnastics at a young age and was a part of the national competitive team for a few years. I had to retire from the team due to a compound fracture in my forearm. I now coach young boys and girls in gymnastics and still work to progress my tumbling skills.  From junior high all throughout high school I played just about every sport you could think of: softball, soccer, basketball, cross country, etc. Some of my main sports while in high school were cheerleading and track. I have been a cheerleader since kindergarten all the way to my senior year of high school. While in high school I acquired the honor of becoming an NCAA All- American cheerleader. My other favorite sport was track. I competed in several sprinting events. I went to state in the 100 meter dash my senior year after having major knee surgery and also ran the fastest time of my career that year as well.

How long obstacle course training?  I had seen the show American Ninja Warrior several years previous to actually ever touching any obstacles. I had always thought to myself I would love to try, but I really do not know where to start. The gym I train at in Dallas known as Obstacle Warriors, I happened to stumble upon by accident. Some friends and I were going to play dodge ball and when I walked into the gym I was completely shocked to find that my dream had become reality. The next day I came back and was hooked and have been training ever since. I have been training since March 2015.

Why obstacle training?   Ever since I was a young I have always been someone to try the new and crazy stuff.  Pushing my body to the brink and seeing what I am capable of gives me an adrenaline rush like no other. To watch myself accomplish tasks and obstacles I never thought possible makes me realize that I can do anything as long as believe and trust in my abilities.


Why compete?  Motivation?  One of my main inspirations for competing is my grandfather, Bob Fowler. As of right now I am a biomedical science major in hopes of one day becoming a vet or doctor. My grandfather was a dentist, so he understood the rough classes and life I am going through.  In his undergrad people told him he was not smart enough and would never make it, and in the end he graduated with honors from Baylor University dental school. He recently passed away, but before he did he told me that no matter how many people doubted in me and told me I could not accomplish my dreams that they were all wrong. “Do not ever doubt yourself Brittany. You can do or be anything you want just have work hard and have faith in yourself”. In honor of my grandfather I have a blue streak that runs through my hair. He was in the navy and it was his favorite color. During hard times I look at the blue streak and it reminds me of what he told me and to never give up on what I want.

Brittany Hanks (4)

Favorite obstacle?  Least favorite obstacle?  My favorite obstacle would probably be the salmon ladder or anything to do with laches.  I love to fling my body through the air. It is exhilarating.  My most hated obstacle is probably the warped wall. I am only 5 feet in height and even though I have accomplished the obstacle several times there are days I do not reach the top.

Personal interests (movies, hobbies, music, books, charities, etc.)?  I am very adventurous. I love to try new things regardless if it scares me or not. Some of my current hobbies include: dancing, painting, drawling, playing the guitar, and of course obstacle training.

Something interesting about you?  Most people do not know this, but I can actually run and jump on all four of my limbs just like a dog.

Motto or how you live your life?  Just do whatever you enjoy, as much as you can.

Piece of advice for obstacle course training?   Never be afraid to chase a dream, no matter how big it is.


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