What is the #1 Exercise for Ninja Obstacle Course Training?

Guest contributor:  Jordan Thurston, Personal Trainer, Vitality Obstacle Fitness gym owner, Ninja Obstacle Course competitor.

Excerpts from the full article have been approved to share on this blog by the original writer.

What makes the best Ninja Obstacle Course athlete?  Not just attributes or skills, but, if it could be narrowed down, what exercise has the most carry-over and sets you up for success?  Is it pure power and strength, Parkour skills, climbing expertise, CrossFit, bodybuilding?   All of these, non of these – a combination?  This will of course have a huge array of answers, speculation and opinions.  And it will be a bit different for each person.

Below is a thought provoking article and happens to make a fantastic argument that the rope climb is the best!

“There are many exercises that have great carry over to your ninja training or OCR training, but there is one that stands above the rest. When we talk about bang for your buck exercises, we talk about exercises that cover a lot of ground. When it comes to ninja warrior or an OCR, a big reason it is so captivating is that they require a well rounded athlete. You need endurance, balance, core strength, power, grip, only to mention a few. To train all these areas separately will cause you to be in a gym as a full time job, so we need to choose exercises that are effective in improving multiple areas at once. And there is one exercise that stands above the rest. And no, it’s not trying to get over-frozen ice cream out of the container with a typical spoon. If that was the case, there would be many more successful ninjas”.

The rest of this article can be found right here.   Give it a read, leave a comment.

Thank You Jordan!


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