Josh Cook – Warrior Sports

Here we have competitor Josh, age 29, Springfield, MO.

Athletic background?  Climbing, Baseball.

How long obstacle course training?  I’ve been training obstacle specific for nearly 4 years now.

Why obstacle training?   Obstacle training is a good way to learn how to move your body through space and time.

Why compete?  Motivation?  Competing on American Ninja Warrior is somewhat like competing in the super bowl.  It’s a moment when you get to put all of your hard work to the ultimate test both physically and mentally.  It’s not why I focus my life on fitness but it is that sweet cherry on top!

Favorite obstacle? Least favorite obstacle?  My favorite obstacle would have to be the crazy cliffhanger.  It’s an obstacle that favors rock climbers but appears impossible to the average athlete.  My least favorite would have to be the warped wall. As easy as this challenge is, I personally feel that it’s hard on the Achilles tendon.

Personal interests (movies, hobbies, music, books, charities, etc.)?  My hobbies include rock climbing, parkour, hiking, and the occasional video game.

Something interesting about you?  Even though I have a lot of energy that’s required to be as active as I am, I am a very relaxed person.

Motto or how you live your life?  One philosophy that I try and live by is “know thyself”.  In life we focus so much on what everyone else is doing or thinking that we forget to have our own original likes/dislikes/dreams/creations/etc.

Piece of advice for obstacle course training?   I would advise anyone that wants to start “Ninja” training is to take it slow and listen to your body.  It’s very easy to get injured and one injury can set a person back even further than the originally were.


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