Garrett Takach – Ninja Park ABQ

Here we have competitor Garrett, age 19, from Albuquerque, NM.

Athletic background?  I started in martial arts when I was 5 years old. Along with martial arts I played soccer, baseball, and basketball. After getting my black belt, I focused on hockey. I played on a competitive team made up of players from all over New Mexico. We were the first team in New Mexico to qualify to compete at Nationals and from there we qualified for an International competition in Ottawa, Canada. After 4 years of hockey I got back into martial arts, rock climbing, parkour, and freerunning which led to obstacle training.

How long obstacle course training?  I have been doing obstacle course fitness for 3 years now.

Why obstacle training?  Obstacle training challenges me to move my body in the most efficient and effective way possible and this keeps me very functionally fit. I have always had a passion for fitness but often grew bored and abandoned my goals before I achieved them. I have noticed that since I started focusing on conquering obstacles, I have also conquered many personal fitness goals that I haven’t been able to before.  I never lack motivation because the fitness style is fun, challenging, and I always look forward making progress on obstacles.

Why compete?  My reason for competing is the camaraderie and support of the athletes in this sport. It never feels like people competing against each other, but rather humans against the course.

Motivation?  I love seeing how many people this sport had positively impacted and how everyone is always striving for greater fitness.

Favorite obstacle? Least favorite obstacle?  My favorite obstacle is the Salmon Ladder. My least favorite obstacle is whichever takes me out of the competition…

Personal interests (movies, hobbies, music, books, charities, etc.)?  I like personal training and helping as many people as I can overcome obstacles mentally and physically and achieve their fitness goals. I also like watching TV series such as Arrow, Flash, and Gotham. I also enjoy funny shows such as American Dad and The Office.

Something interesting about you?  My favorite instrument is the ukulele.

Motto or how you live your life?  Let’s train DAILY while others train WEAKLY.

Piece of advice for obstacle course training?  Just like how every journey begins with the first step, take each course one obstacle at a time, one step at a time.

Social media info, pics, videos, other links, anything you care to share?


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