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Takach Fitness

This article is created solely with excerpts from the Takach Fitness style created by Garrett Takach owner of the Ninja Park ABQ.

Fun, Functional Fitness, For Everyone

Takach fitness is all about learning how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, overcoming obstacles both mentally and physically to achieve goals, and getting the most out of life by staying mentally and physically fit. Everyone has a fitness goal. This means that your goal has not been accomplished yet. Obstacles are meant to be overcome and challenges are meant to be conquered. Takach Fitness uses obstacles as measurements of progression towards conquering your goals. The more obstacles and challenges you overcome, the closer you will be to your goals. Whatever your goal is, you can pick from one of six programs including youth fitness, ninja fit, weight loss, muscle gaining, corrective exercise, and senior fitness to learn how to efficiently achieve your goals. Along with the workouts in your packet, you will pick two obstacles that compliment your fitness goal. Now that you know what programs will help you reach your fitness goals, follow the programs Path to Success Calendar.

By doing the exercises that progress you to the obstacles, following along with the diet plans, and doing the exercises in your weight loss program, you will get the nutrition you need, keep your heart rate where it needs to be when exercising to effectively shrink fat cells, and make your time and energy very worthwhile towards achieving your goal. By the time you accomplish the two obstacles that go along with your fitness goal, you will have achieved, or be very close to, achieving your overall fitness goal.

By training for obstacles, your body will slim down, lean up, and gain cardiovascular endurance.  With a goal of toning, slimming down, and gaining functional strength, there is no better way to do so than challenging your body to move and function in different ways, and there is no better way to do this than challenging your body and mind to overcome obstacles.

Takach fitness style along with the trainers and goals of the facility makes Ninja Park New Mexico’s premier obstacle course fitness facility and the best place to train for competition or working out in general. 

Please read so much more about Takach Fitness HERE


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