Eric Cash – Maine Warrior Gym

Here we have competitor Eric, age 19, from Windham, ME.

Athletic background?  I’ve played soccer, basketball, baseball, football, ran cross country and track, and wrestled.  I wrestled as an Eastern Maine finalist my senior year of high school and I am now coaching wrestling at Windham High School.

How long obstacle course training?  My entire life. The outdoors provides plenty of obstacles whether it’s trees, stepping stones, etc.

Why obstacle training?  It’s something that we naturally do as children on the playground and outdoors and we drift away from as we get older. It’s a way to stay young doing something I love and have fun with it.

Why compete? Motivation?  There’s nothing more that I’ve wanted than to be named as an American Ninja Warrior. I have watched the show growing up and I’ve dreamt of making it there. With a ninja gym opening in my area, I’m finally turning my dream into a reality one day at a time.

Favorite obstacle? Least favorite obstacle?  I love the salmon ladder. The guys at the gym joke around with me a lot when it comes to the amount I do it because I’m constantly doing different variations, different grips, and doing different rungs with a weighted vest on. I don’t really have a least favorite because each one has so many different things to do on it.

Personal interests (movies, hobbies, music, books, charities, etc.)?  I recently watched Creed and fell in love with the movie. Aside from that I really like to read a lot of different wrestling blogs and watching a lot of action movies.

Something interesting about you?  I’m into the most hellish workouts you can possibly imagine. I love making it through insanely grueling workouts and feeling the sense of accomplishment after.

Motto or how you live your life?  Live life without regrets. You make every choice in your life based off of what you want at that point in time, so at one point it did make you happy. Stress and regrets aren’t worth the time of day.

Piece of advice for obstacle course training?  Train until your hands bleed, then train some more. You’ve got to get your body used to being pushed to it brinks because at some point in your life you’ll hit a course where you aren’t at 100%. If you can finish something in practice when you’re sore or sick, you can breeze through it in competition.

Social media info, pics, videos, other links, anything you care to share?  I don’t use it a whole lot, but you can feel free to follow me on Instagram @aninjawcash.


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