This blog is dedicated to the athlete’s that participate, train, live and breathe obstacle course training.  As a new blog for a sport that is not new, there will be a heavy focus on the new – Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA).  Competing or not, member or not, please feel free to visit the blog often for news, competition info, athlete info, hints, tips, tricks, hacks for all training and nutrition info related to Ninja obstacle courses.

And for full disclosure I do work out at the Ninja Park ABQ, I am a personal trainer at the Ninja Park ABQ, I might compete in the city qualifier at the Ninja Park ABQ in March 2016 and no, I am not ready as of yet – damnit!

Just because I am out of this gym and from Albuquerque, I will still be highlighting all the athletes and competitions that I can from all the gyms across the country.  In addition, I will be looking for and counting on the athletes to contribute nutrition, training, recovery, equipment and gear hints, tips, tricks and hacks!

Together, let’s make this blog, the UNAA and the competitions the best they can be.

Contact James De Lara with any questions or inquiries related to this blog at nmninjas505@gmail.com.